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Arturo Martin


"I’ve always been a fan of actual flower. I have tried to get my CBD from oil and edibles I never felt like it really did the trick for my needs. I like Oasis Hemp Flower the best out of the retailers I’ve tried. Their buds look INCREDIBLE, just glossy and smell amazing. Sometimes you never know what to expect, but I have never had that issue when I get an oasisfarmscbd.com product."


Kelvin Beck


"Oasis Farms Hemp Flower has my favorite pre-rolls. They taste fantastic and work just how I want them too. You can tell that they don’t just stick the bottom of the barrel, leaves, and sticks, that other companies do. I really like the mix of different strains as it provides a very distinct flavor and wellness."


Bryan Howell


" I look for quality flower that I can trust to do its job. That is why I like oasisfarmscbd.com because I can trust that I am getting what I paid for. I also appreciate that they answer the phone and offer same day shipping. My favorite is the Cherry 5, it looks and tastes the amazing. I also enjoy both of the Otto varietals, very smooth taste and smoke."

New From Oasis Farms

See the latest in hemp flower health benefits and discoveries.

Special Sauce CBD Flower Strain

Special Sauce CBD Flower Strain – Benefits and Side Effects

If you are looking to try a new CBD flower strain, you should give Special Sauce a try. This strain is high in CBD content and provides a good balance for overall wellness support. Both beginners and avid users have a lot to say about this strain. So, let’s take a deeper look at Special […]
lifter cbd flower strain blog

Lifter CBD Flower Strain – Benefits and Side Effects

With the legalization of hemp, there have been a lot of new products coming to market over the last several years. One, in particular, is the Lifter CBD Flower Strain. This hemp strain is known for its uplifting support and is loved by CBD enthusiasts all over the world. Let’s take a deeper look at […]
how to buy hemp cbd flower online

How To Buy Hemp CBD Flower Online

The world of CBD has grown massively with the legalization of hemp. A lot of buzz surrounds the wellness support that CBD has to offer. With this, many people are wondering how to buy CBD online? Let’s take a closer look at where you can buy CBD.  Where can CBD be found? CBD is known […]

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As a family-owned company, we take pride in providing the most thoroughly tested product on the market.

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