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Packed in a Commercial Kitchen

Did you know that many vendors pack their hemp in an unsanitary residential barn or house? We use a commercial-grade kitchen & prioritize sanitation, quality equipment, and health department licensing.

Food Handlers License

Food Handlers Licensed

All of our hemp products and techniques are 100% approved and certified through award-winning training and qualified licensing.

Lab Testing

State Certified Lab Testing

We take quality control seriously. Many vendors don’t test for them whatsoever and they have been known to cause various cancers. Here at Oasis, we have passing results for each and every strain.

We Protect Product Quality

We at Oasis Farms CBD are required to maintain an accurate Certificate of Analysis (COA for short) for every industrial hemp CBD flower product pursuant to Nevada NRS 557. During our cultivation process, we protect product quality and consistency by collecting random CBD flower plant samples throughout the process.

Our COA's are conducted by an ISO accredited 3rd party testing laboratory sanctioned by the state Department of Agriculture. To be compliant our CBD flower products must contain no more than .3% delta-9 THC dry weight. Pay no mind to THCa or total THC for they are still in the acidic “a” state so psychoactive properties have not been activated.



T1 11.27%

Sweet Pesticides

Sweet Pesticides 17lb

Sweet 17lb Residual

Sweet 12.07%

Residual Solvents Sweet

Residual Solvents T1

Residual Solvents Otto Sweet

Residual Solvents Otto Franklin

Residual Solvents Cherry Wine

Residual Solvents Cherry Cherry

Residual Solvents Cherry 5

Pesticides Otto Sweet

Pesticides Cherry Wine

Pesticides Cherry Cherry

Pesticides Cherry B

Pesticides Cherry 5

Pesticides Cherry 5

Pesticide T1

Pest Otto Franklin

Otto Sweet 11.92%

Otto Frank 9.06%

Microbials Otto Sweet

Microbials Cherry Cherry

Microbial T1

Microbial Otto Franklin

Microbial Cherry Wine

Lifter 13.7%

Heavy Metals Otto Sweet

Heavy Metals Otto Franklin

Heavy Metals Cherry Wine

Hawaiian Haze 15.03%

Cherry Wine Biomass 11.17%

Cherry Wine Bio Pesticides

Cherry Wine Bio Residual Solvents

Cherry Wine Bio Microbials

Cherry Wine Bio Heavy Metals

Cherry Sweet Residual Solvents

Cherry Wine 12.71%

Cherry Sweet 16.03%

Cherry Cherry Heavy Metals

Cherry C Residual Solvents

Cherry Cherry 15.72%

Cherry C Pesticides

Cherry A Residual

Cherry A 14.6%

Cherry A Pesticides

Cherry 5 Residual

Cherry 5 Residual Solvents

Cherry 5 15.94%

Cherry 5 Pesticides

Hand-Selected CBD Hemp Flower

As a family-owned company, we take pride in providing the most thoroughly tested product on the market.

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