Pineapple Haze


Pineapple Haze


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Next up is one our most popular strains from the greenhouse, Pineapple Haze. A surprise in 2019 this tropical strain is sativa heavy. It gets its names from large colas the look and smell like pineapples. Known for fantastic numbers this years crop boasts over 19% CBD and almost 24% total cannabinoids. A real stunner try it today and you will not be disappointed.

All of our products are cultivated by hemp growers that have and NDA growers license. Once harvested and packaged, labels are placed by a registered NDA licensed hemp handler. When purchasing hemp from Oasis Farms you are purchasing hemp at its optimal freshness and can do so with confidence.

An industry leader in compliance, we provide a Grower and Handler Licensed hemp and CBD product. To make sure we are delivering the best product on the market, we test our products through DEA Registered Laboratories. The results put right there on the label. Thank you for your business

Shop our products and let us know if you have and questions. Our goal is to offer you the best customer service, as well as high-quality CBD flower products.

*CBD flower is not used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use.



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