Where Does Hemp Originate From?

where does hemp originate from?

With all of the hype surrounding CBD, perhaps it has you wondering where hemp actually originated from. It’s a good question because hemp is now grown all over the world. Hemp happens to be a fantastic material that is used in a variety of products. Let’s take a deeper look at hemp and explore where this fibrous material comes from. 


Hemp, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa, is sometimes referred to as industrial hemp. This plant comes from the Cannabaceae family and is cultivated for its fiber or edible seeds. Some individuals confuse hemp with the cannabis plant.

While both hemp and marijuana contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the amount of THC differs. This is what sets the two apart from one another. Hemp has low levels of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. 

However, hemp is rich in CBD, which is known to provide overall well being and balance. In addition, hemp is legal to grow with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. All hemp must comply with guidelines and not exceed a 0.3% THC level. 


Hemp was first cultivated in Central Asia. It was used for its fibers and there are records of its use dating back to the early 2800 BCE in China. It was also used in Mediterranean countries in Europe in the early Christian period. By the Middle Ages, the use of hemp had spread through the rest of Europe. Chile has a record of planting hemp around the 1500s, and nearly a century later it made its way to North America. 

With agriculture beginning around 10,000 years ago, it is easy to assume that hemp was in fact one of the first crops. It was around 1606 when hemp became popular in America. Hemp was being grown to help produce a number of products including paper, lamp fuels, and ropes. By the 1700s, farmers were legally bound to grow hemp, as it was a staple crop within the United States. 

Believe it or not, many of our founding fathers were known for growing hemp and advocating its use and benefits. One of the most notable was George Washington. He grew hemp right at his estate. 


The way hemp was used when it was first cultivated does not differ in the way that it is used now. Hemp is a dioecious plant, which means that it can be separated into male and female plants. 

Every part of the hemp plant can be used. The plant’s stems are used for fibrous material. The seeds are a great source of protein, while the leaves and flower portions of the plant are used for oils and to be smoked. 

Hemp fibers can be used in making paper, clothing, furnishing fabrics, rope, and building materials. The entire hemp plant can be used to make fuel and feedstock. Hemp fibers are strong and durable. This is why it is a choice material for twine, yarn, rope, cable, and string. Since hemp is coarse, it is the ideal material for burlap and canvas. 

Italy treats hemp in a special way, which allows it to be used in the making of fabric that is similar to linen. In addition, hemp fibers can be used to make bioplastics, which can be recyclable and biodegradable. 


Cultures all over the world have seen the need for hemp and have embraced their fibrous material. However, the use of hemp became highly controlled by the government in the United States. The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 deemed hemp a banned material. This Act provided strict guidelines when it came to hemp. 

However, the 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act and opened the hemp industry within America. This growth has allowed the hemp industry to flourish and the benefits for the economy have already been seen all across the nation. 

The future of the hemp industry is very bright. With innovations, the need for hemp will only continue to grow. The legalization of hemp has helped boost the economy and improved the opinion that individuals have about this substance. Hemp has long been compared to marijuana, but those days are over with. This fibrous material has a lot to offer our nation, and it is refreshing to see that the government has stepped in and has allowed the growth of the hemp market to happen. 


Hemp origins run deep, and this crop has been utilized by many cultures all over the world. It is a hardy material that can be used in building materials, rope, clothing, and can even be smoked for wellness support. 

At Oasis Farms CBD, we offer high-quality hemp products. Our hemp flowers comply with industry standards and go through third-party lab testing. All of our hemp test below 0.3% THC, which is the legal standard for this crop. 

If you are looking to purchase hemp flowers, we carry a variety of strains for you to choose from. Take the time to explore our website and let us know if you have any questions. 

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